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Casement windows have a side-hinged sash that opens to the exterior of your home.
These commercial casement windows are opened by use of a locking key handle on the inside of the window sash. 
The Multi-Locking system gives extra security it locks from 3 points. All of our Upvc windows have steel re-inforcement inside the middle chamber of the upvc profile.
Commercial casement windows are widely popular for many reasons. Their design easily adapts to any style of home, providing operation and performance features that can't be matched by other operating windows.
One great advantage of commercial casement windows over all other operating windows is their ability to maximize and control the breeze and direct it into any area of your home. This is achieved by their unique 90° opening ability, which partially centers the sash, capturing the breeze from any direction. For easy cleaning of glass from inside we provide Friction Hinge hardware.
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By using special EPDM gaskets which seals from inside as well from outside provides remarkable air tightness, reducing heating and air conditioning costs. Interior glazing bead design constitutes a key security feature and with 1.5mm reinforcement steel, allowing the window to withstand 2Kpa (2000Pa), it can withstand 240 km/h wind speed. Our windows have the highest number of internal chambers, lending them outstanding insulation and sound abatement qualities, as well as thermal efficiency and increased strength.
Our top of the line operating hardware and high-security multi-point locking system are included as standard features. All hardware mounts through a minimum of two UPVC walls for secure durable fastening, using only stainless steel non-corrosive fasteners. No steel anchors are required.
Casement Windows
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uPVC Security Locking Casement Windows. Custom made to your size and style.
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